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Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
H. Pourazerang
S.M.A. Razavi
+98 51 38763842
IFSTRJ Office, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of food science & technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. Postal Code: 91775-1163

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This bimonthly journal publishes peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in all branches of science, technology, packaging and engineering of foods and food products. Special emphasis is given to fundamental and applied research findings that have potential for enhancing product quality, extend shelf life of fresh and processed food products and improve process efficiency. IFSTRJ articles are Open Access: they are immediately available online at no cost to read, distribute and/or reuse. To support Open Access publishing, IFSTRJ charges a publication fee of 100$ to offset peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving. The payment is due when IFSTRJ accepts the article for publication. The person who submits the manuscript is responsible for the publication fee payment.



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2017, Vol 12, Issue 5

Table of Contents

  • Research Full Papers

  • Combined effect of green tea extract and vacuum packaging on quality changes Scomberomorus guttatus during refrigerated storage 
    Khedri, Fatemeh ; Khodanazary, Ainaz 533-542
    Views: 354
    Using of dry ice for astringency removal in persimmon fruit 
    Khademi, Orang ; Nemati, Younes 543-555
    Views: 1279
    Determination of L*a*b* Parameters from RGB of Digital Image by Application of IMG-Pardazesh Color Measurement Instrument 
    Jafarpour, Seyed Ali 556-564
    Views: 253
    Antioxidant activity of Para-hydroxybenzoic acid and its methyl ester in triacylglycerols of Kilka fish oil and its oil-in-water emulsion 
    Molaahmadibahraseman, Najme ; Farhoosh, Reza ; Sharif, Ali 565-571
    Views: 240
    Extraction of hull-less barley (cultivar Lut) ß-glycan using hot water: Optimization using response surface methodology 
    Koocheki, Arash ; Hematian Sourki, Abdollah ; Elahi, Mohammad ; Razavi, Seyed Mohammad Ali 572-587
    Views: 257
    Antioxidant activity of syringic and vanillic acids in Kilka fish oil and its oil-in-water emulsion 
    Molaahmadi-Bahraseman, Najmeh ; Farhoosh, Reza ; Johny, Saeid ; Sharif, Ali 588-595
    Views: 302
    Study the effect ofLactobacillus plantarumstrains isolated fromdifferent stages of productionLighvan cheese on Rodotorulamucilaginosa as a spoilage indicator in fruit juice 
    Nayyeri, Neda ; Edalatian Dovom, Mohammad Reza ; Habibi Najafi, Mohammad Bagher ; Bahreyni, Masoomeh 596-608
    Views: 160
    The study of the colloidal properties of nano liposomes containing beta-carotene produced by thermal method 
    Ghanbarzadeh, Babak ; Bashiri, Sahra ; Hamishekar, Hamed ; Dehgannya, Jalal 609-619
    Views: 212
    Production and Investigation of physical and mechanical properties of soy protein isolate - tragacanth based composite film 
    Separdar, Hamideh ; Rahimi, Ebrahim ; Shahabi, Iman ; Aghabarari, Behzad 620-629
    Views: 125
    Effect of different cooking methods on changes of free fatty acids, thiobarbitoric acid, heavy metal (Ni, Cr, Co, Cd, Pb) and sensory properties of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodonidella) 
    Khodanazary, Ainaz ; Golgolipour, Sara ; Ghanemi, Kamal 630-638
    Views: 150
    Microencapsulation of Spearmint (Mentha Spicata) Oil By Modified Starch 
    Hosseinzadeh, Setareh ; Bostan, Aram ; Haddad Khodaparast, Mohammad Hossein ; Mohebbi, Mohebbat 639-651
    Views: 104
    Detection of surface defects caused by mechanical damages on Mangos of Kelk-e Sorkh variety with the use of color image processing 
    Golzarian, Mahmood Reza ; SHAMILI, MANSORE ; Doosti Irani, Omid ; Azarkish, Payman 652-662
    Views: 93
    The Effect of Different Concentrations of Glycerol on Properties of Blend Films Based on Polyvinyl Alcohol-AllysumHomolocarpum Seed Gum 
    Monjazeb Marvdashti, Leila ; Yavarmanesh, Masoud ; Koocheki, Arash 663-677
    Views: 45
    The Effects of TiO2 and MontmorilloniteNanofillers on Structural, Thermal and Optical Properties of Starch based Nanobiocomposite Films 
    Oleyaei, Seyed Amir ; Ghanbarzadeh, Babak ; Moayedi, Ali Akbar ; Abbasi, Farhang 678-695
    Views: 105
    Optimization of alkaline fiber extraction from rice bran using response surface methodology 
    Rrahbaran, Sara ; Aarabi, Aazam 696-705
    Views: 37
    Effects of temperature and soluble solid content on the thermo-physical properties of malt extract 
    Heidari Dalfard, Fatemeh ; Taghizadeh, Masoud ; Razavi, S.M.A. 706-715
    Views: 302