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Iranian Food Science and Technology Research Journal    

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran
H. Pourazerang
S.M.A. Razavi
+98 51 38763842
IFSTRJ Office, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of food science & technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran. Postal Code: 91775-1163

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This bimonthly journal publishes peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in all branches of science, technology, packaging and engineering of foods and food products. Special emphasis is given to fundamental and applied research findings that have potential for enhancing product quality, extend shelf life of fresh and processed food products and improve process efficiency. IFSTRJ articles are Open Access: they are immediately available online at no cost to read, distribute and/or reuse. To support Open Access publishing, IFSTRJ charges a publication fee of 100$ to offset peer review management, journal production and online hosting and archiving. The payment is due when IFSTRJ accepts the article for publication. The person who submits the manuscript is responsible for the publication fee payment.



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1396، سال سیزدهم، شماره اول

Table of Contents

  • Research Full Papers

  • Investigation on the effects of different amounts of gellatin and guar on texture, organoleptic and color properties of white mulberry pastille 
    Basiri, Shadi ; Shahidi, Fakhri 1-13
    Views: 275
    The optimization of the production of anti-oxidative peptides from enzymatic hydrolysis of Pumpkin seed protein 
    Nourmohammadi, Elham ; Sadeghi Mahoonak, Alireza ; Ghorbani, Mohammad ; Alami, Mehran ; Sadeghi, Masoumeh 14-26
    Views: 162
    Optimizing the operating parameters of cooker during oil extraction and production of sunflower meal on an industrial scale 
    Bakhshabadi, Hamid ; Rostami, Mohammad ; Moghimi, Masoumeh ; Bojmehrani, Abolfazl ; Bahelkeh, Anehbibi ; Toorani, Negar 27-37
    Views: 102
    Evaluating the physicochemical and mechanical properties of bittervetch seed (Vicia ervilia) and the functional properties of the resulted flour 
    Taghizadeh, Masoud ; Shokrollahi, Behdad ; Hamedi, Fatemeh 38-52
    Views: 65
    Computational estimation of L*a*b* units from RGB using machine vision 
    Abdanan, Saman ; Amraei, Somaye 53-64
    Views: 230
    The effect of basil seed gum and xanthan on the physical and rheological characteristics of low fat mayonnaise 
    Shamsaei, Sima ; Razavi, S. M. A ; Emadzadeh, Bahareh ; AtayeSalehi, Esmaeili 65-78
    Views: 488
    Structural and functional properties of three genotypes of common bean proteins (Phaseolus vulgaris) 
    Rahmati, Fatemeh ; Koocheki, Arash ; Varidi, Mahdi ; Kadkhodaee4, Rasoul 79-91
    Views: 73
    Mechanical study for texture degradation of potato strip during frying process 
    Sabbaghi, Hassan ; Ziaifar, Aman Mohammad ; Kashaninejad, Mahdi 92-104
    Views: 205
    Simultaneous detection of foodborn pathogenes Listeria monocytogenes, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella spp. By Multiplex PCR in ready–to–eat vegetables 
    Rajabzadeh, Safieh ; Bahreini, Masomeh ; Sharifmoghadam, Mirza Mohammadreza 105-116
    Views: 111
    Study on the effect of the concentration of organically modified nanoclay on the microstructure and physical (mechanically, WVP and color) properties of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate (PET)- based nanocomposites 
    Dardmeh, Nazila ; Khosrowshahi, Asghar ; Almasi, Hadi ; Zandi, Mohsen 117-128
    Views: 175
    Numerical Study of Starch Concentration and Filling Initial Temperature on Cold Area changes in Canned Starch-based Food 
    Ranjbar, Azadeh ; Ziaiifar, Aman Mohammad ; Parvini, Mahdi ; Kashaninejad, Mahdi ; Maghsoudlou, Yahya 129-140
    Views: 111
    Evaluation the effect of dominant Lactobacillus starter isolated from traditional sourdough on staling of cup bread produced with whole wheat flour 
    Abedfar, Abbas ; Sadeghi, Alireza ; Kashaninejad, Mahdi ; Khomeiri, Morteza ; Alami, Mehran 141-154
    Views: 240
    Postharvest application of calcium carbonate nanoparticles on enzyme activity and some attributes quality in fresh cut apples varieties Golden Delicious 
    Asghari, Mohammad Reza ; Jami, Raheleh ; Farokhzad, Alireza 155-166
    Views: 339
    Extraction of crude extract from Malva neglecta leaves and evaluation of its free radical scavenging activities 
    Jooyandeh, Hossein ; Samavati, Vahid 167-179
    Views: 192
    Functional and stability profile changes of soy proteins cross linked with dextran through natural Maillard reaction 
    Boostani, Sareh ; Moosavi-Nasab, Marzieh ; Aminlari, Mahmoud ; Niakosari, Mehrdad ; Mesbahi, Gholamreza 180-190
    Views: 232
    Study of effect of blade edge on sucrose extraction of sugar beet and quality of raw juice 
    Naghipour Zade Mahani, Maryam ; Aghkhani, Mohamad Hosein ; Behzad, Khalil ; Rohani, Abas 191-201
    Views: 51
    Study the quality of silver carp (Hypophthalmichtys molitrix) Surimi during the ice storage 
    Shabanpour, Bahareh ; Neirizi, Mansoureh ; Noori Hashem Abad, Zienab 202-213
    Views: 265