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Effect of flour replacement with pomegranate seed powder on the properties of Sponge Cake

Fatemh Eivani; Behzad Nasehi; Mohammad Noshad; Hassan Barzegar

Volume 16, Issue 4 , September and October 2020, , Pages 437-452


  Introduction: Increasing the demand for purchase and use of high quality products with good health benefits has led to a lot of efforts to increase and maintain the quality of different products. Sponge cake is one of the cereal products that the stale and lack of dietary fiber in cake flour is one of ...  Read More

Investigation of the effect of different Spirulina platensis levels on nutritional, physicochemical and sensory properties of sponge cake

Negin Zangeneh; Hassan Barzegar; Behrooz Alizadeh Behbahani; Mohammad Amin Mehrnia

Volume 16, Issue 2 , May and June 2020, , Pages 207-220


  Introduction: Spirulina platensis belongs to the Division of Cyanobacteria and the family of Oscillatoriaceae. It is autotroph and photo-synthesizer and can be reproduced through double cell division. Spirulina platensis is a filamentous blue-green multi-cellular microalgae naturally occurring in the ...  Read More

Improvement of Physicochemical and Nutritional quality of sponge cake fortified with microwave- air dried quince pomace

Adieh Anvar; Behzad Nasehi; Mohammad Noshad; Hassan Barzegar

Volume 15, Issue 3 , July and August 2019, , Pages 69-79


  In the present study, the effects of addition of quince pomace powder (0- 15%) and water content (25- 35%) on the batter rheological properties, physicochemical characterizes and sensory properties of sponge cake were evaluated. The results showed that increasing substitution of quince pomace increased ...  Read More

The effect of Chubak extract on sponge cake as an egg white substitute

Hojjat Karazhiyan; Vahid Keyhani

Volume 11, Issue 1 , March and April 2015, , Pages 63-76


  Chubak extract because of its high saponin content, is a unique agent in production stable foam meantime has high pharmaceutical properties. The purpose of current research is to gain these advantages of Chubak extract in sponge cake production. For this purpose 25, 50 and 75% of egg white in sponge ...  Read More