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Food Engineering
Evaluation of Bubbling Process in Reducing Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling and Its Efficiency During Refining of Raw Beet Juice

Mosatfa Soleymani; Vahid Hakimzadeh; Mostafa Shahidi Noghabi; Akram Arianfar

Volume 20, Issue 1 , March and April 2024, , Pages 63-74


  IntroductionAppropriate and effective decolorization of raw and thin juice in sugar refineries is considered as an important process to obtain premium quality sugar, which due to the problems of its conventional process, membrane processes as effective and environmentally friendly processes can be used ...  Read More

Food Engineering
Evaluation of the Importance of Multi-objective Particle Swarm Algorithm Parameters in Optimizing the Solutes Rejection of Camel Milk Ultrafiltration Using Partial Least Squares Regression

Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi; Morteza Kashaninejad

Volume 19, Issue 5 , November and December 2023, , Pages 577-591


  Introduction Ultrafiltration is one of the most common membrane processes in the dairy industry, especially for condensing and separating milk components. Using this process, several products can be produced, including milk concentrate used for cheese production, low-lactose dairy products, milk ...  Read More

The Effect of Lactose Reduction on the Acetaldehyde Amount and Organoleptic Properties of Doogh as a Fermentative Product Using Ultrafiltration

Reza Mobasserfar; Seyed Ali Mortazavi

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, , Pages 613-622


  Introduction: Doogh is one of the most important and most widely consuming fermented traditional Iranian milk products, which is being prepared from the healthy milk by using the activity of certain lactic acid bacteria and molds under the especial conditions. Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus ...  Read More

Clarification of sour orange juice by ultrafiltration: Optimization of permeate flux and fouling resistances using response surface methodology

Mohammadmahdi Seyedabadi; Mahdi Kashani-Nejad; Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak; Yahya Maghsoudlou; Fakhreddin Salehi

Volume 12, Issue 3 , July and August 2016, , Pages 350-361


  The turbidity of sour orange juice after juice extraction affects on quality, shelf-life and concentration of juice. Therefore, juice clarification is an important operation in the fruit processing industry. The goal of this study was evaluating the effect of membrane operation parameters including pressure ...  Read More

Food Engineering
Regression models of viscosity and density of permeate as a function of operation parameters in ultrafiltration of milk

Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, , Pages 1-10


  Viscosity (µ) and density (ρ) are important physical roperties for analysis of membrane processes performance and for designing a new membrane process. In addition, the energy requirement for fluid pumping is depend on these two physical properties magnitiude. In this study, firstly, the effects ...  Read More