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Optimization of the Formula and Process of Donut Enriched with Bagasse

Mahboubeh Darapoor; Behzad Nasehi; Hassan Barzegar; Hossein Jooyandeh

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, , Pages 635-647


  Introduction: By-products have traditionally been used as animal feed and are considered agricultural waste. However, they are rich in fiber and bioactive compounds, and efforts have been made to utilize them as functional ingredients and for the enrichment of food products. On the other hand, the intake ...  Read More

Effect of using apple and pimento on Physicochemical and Reological of donut

Sepideh Aryaee Majd; Mania Salehifar

Volume 15, Issue 1 , March and April 2019, , Pages 67-76


  Introduction: Donte is one of the most important fermented products in all over the world which similar to bread, after ferret fermentation process, dividing, shaping and rest of the dough, it would be frying in the oil instead of baking in the oven. We feel the need of using food additives (such as ...  Read More

Effect of pomegranate flower extraction and vitamin B3 on the roasted doughnut’s durability and sensory features

Mahin Heydari Ashkezari; Mania Salehifar

Volume 14, Issue 5 , November and December 2018, , Pages 817-827


  Introduction: One of the useful methods to increase the roasted product’s durability is the addition of antioxidants. The antioxidants can replace the synthetic antioxidant in doughnut. One of the problems related to doughnut is oxidative corruption in industrial type. The purpose of this study was ...  Read More

Application of machine vision technology for visual assessment of microwave pre-treated donut

Mehran Nouri; Behzad Nasehi; Vahid Samavati; Saman Abdanan

Volume 13, Issue 5 , November and December 2017, , Pages 867-879


  Introduction: Fried foods such as donuts enjoyed worldwide for their taste, distinctive flavor, aroma and crunchy texture. There is, however, grave health concern over large fat content of fried foods (Melito and Farkas, 2013). There are several ways to lower fat content in deep-fried foods. One method ...  Read More