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Study on the effects of different parameters on physicochemical and thermal properties of Kabkab date powder: Optimization of the temperature effect and anti-sticking agents

Nazanin Abdi; Neda Maftoonazad; Amir Heidarinasab; Fujan Badii

Volume 14, Issue 2 , May and June 2018, , Pages 427-438


  Introduction: The date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), is one of the most important plants of arid desert area of the western and southern Asia and northern Africa for over 5000 years. Date fruit has a great importance in nutrition due to being a main source of carbohydrates, but it is low in fat and protein. ...  Read More

Studying Physical and Chemical Changes after Consecutive Times Heating in Liquid Frying Margarine

Maryam Azarifar; Mohammad Hossein Hadad Khodaparast; Amir Hossein Elhami Rad; Mohammad Armin

Volume 8, Issue 4 , January 2013


  In this research, tested factors were margarine types (contractive effects between types of oils in base of margarine such as palm super olein – partially hydrogenated canola oil – 50:50 mixture of palm super olein and partially hydrogenated canola oil and liquid canola) and different moisture ...  Read More

Study on Chemical Composition of Alosa Caspia and Evaluation of Changes in its Moisture and Salt Content during Salting and Drying

Adeleh Soleimani; Mohammad Javad Varidi; Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak; Mehdi Nasiri mahalati

Volume 8, Issue 2 , July 2012


  This study was carried out to evaluate the chemical compoition of Alosa Caspia and results compared with Clupeonella engrauliformis which is a common fish catch among Clupeonella and Clupeidae spp in Caspian sea . Results showed that the amount of fat, protein, ash and dry matter in Alosa was higher ...  Read More