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Foaming conditions of the red beet (Beta vulgaris L) puree were optimized using response surface methodology (RSM) with respect to Arabic gum concentrations (0.01 – 0.4% w/w), red beet puree (40 _ 60% w/w),egg white concentration( 5 _ 15% w/w) and whipping time (3 – 9 min) for minimum foam density and foam drainage volume as response variables. Foams were prepared from various pulp concentrations by adding various concentrations of egg white as foaming agent and Arabic gum as stabilizer at different whipping time. The optimized conditions after the numerical and graphical optimization for maximum stability and minimum foam density were found at Arabic gum (0.29% w/w), egg white (15% w/w), red beet Puree (60% w/w), and whipping time (9 min).The results showed that the stability of foams increased with increasing Arabic gum concentration( p