Document Type : Research Article


Khorasan Razavi Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center


Sepals and petals are byproducts from saffron production process that waste without any use in Iran. These byproducts containing a lot of anthocyanin and natural antioxidants.The aim of this study is determine efficiency of extraction and measurement of antioxidant activity and anthocyanin pigments of pollen and anther of saffron flower ,using mixed solvent of ethanol and hydrochloridic acid 1.5 N (85:15) by ultrasonic waves. Therefore, the time factors (5, 15, 25 minutes) and sound intensity (20, 60 and 100%) were usedThe results showed that the most efficient extraction of samples (54/48%) was extracted in 15 minute and 100% of sound intensity, and the maximum measure of anthocyanin compounds (48.83 mg/ml), total phenolic compounds (36.54 mg/ml), power of reviving the anti-radical DPPH activity of the extracts (335.7 mg/ml) and the power of scavenging Fe III (431.1µmol/lit Fe III), the best sample in all of the exams was extracted in 10 minutes and 100% of sound intensity. So, the optimized situation for extraction of anthocyanin compounds by ultrasound waves was time 15 min and 100% about sound intensity.