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Food Chemistry
Production of nanoemulsion based on sweet almond and sesame oils using ultrasound and evaluation its properties

Masoumeh Heydari Gharehcheshmeh; Akram Arianfar; Elham Mahdian; Sara Naji-Tabasi

Volume 18, Issue 4 , September and October 2022, , Pages 514-526


  [1]Introduction: Sesame oil and sweet almond oil are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant components, providing nutritional and functional properties including improvement of the gastrointestinal system, decrease in blood cholesterol level, eventually leading to a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular ...  Read More

Food Technology
Preparation of cold gel emulsion system using isolated soy protein- Basil seed gum complex as a fat replacement in cream

Sima Naji-Tabasi; Elham Mahdian; Akram Arianfar; Sara Naji-Tabasi

Volume 17, Issue 2 , May and June 2021, , Pages 365-378


  Introduction: Fats have a special place in human nutrition and their main role is supplying energy for the body. But scientific findings approve an association between high fat intake and an increment risk of some diseases, such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, and …. Demand for low-fat foods ...  Read More

Study on rheological, physicochemical and sensory properties of synbiotic ice cream using fibers from some fruit peels and Lactobacillus casei LC-01

Elham Mahdian; Reza Karazhyan

Volume 15, Issue 6 , January and February 2020, , Pages 103-112


  A nutraceutical food may provide expanded utility beyond its nutritional benefit. These benefits are commonly attributed to the active components of the food. Fruit by-products are rich source of dietary fibers that have beneficial effects on human health. Also they can improve the growth and viability ...  Read More

Optimize the production of red beet stabilized (Beta vulgaris L) by Using Response Surface Methodology

Mohebbat Mohebbi; Elham Mahdian

Volume 11, Issue 1 , March and April 2015, , Pages 77-87


  Foaming conditions of the red beet (Beta vulgaris L) puree were optimized using response surface methodology (RSM) with respect to Arabic gum concentrations (0.01 – 0.4% w/w), red beet puree (40 _ 60% w/w),egg white concentration( 5 _ 15% w/w) and whipping time (3 – 9 min) for minimum foam ...  Read More