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Food Chemistry
Effect of ultrasound on the extraction of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of different parts of walnut fruit

Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh; Sima Zare

Volume 18, Issue 3 , July and August 2022, , Pages 85-98


  Walnuts have a high nutritional value because of their high levels of  essential compounds for human health. Phenolic compounds have beneficial properties, including anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties. In this study, the amount of the extracted antioxidants from different parts of walnut, ...  Read More

Effects of some salts on the shelf life of Shahrood Sorkh-e-Fakhri table grapes stored in cold storage

Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh

Volume 16, Issue 6 , January and February 2021, , Pages 101-110


  In this study, some preservative solutions were used as an alternative to sulphur fumigation. For this purpose, sodium metabisulfite, calcium chloride, sodium acetate, and sodium carbonate solutions at concentrations of 0.5, 1 and 2 percent were applied. Grapes (Sorkh-e-Fakhri var.) were dipped in different ...  Read More

Production of a probiotic camel milk enriched with pomegranate peel powder

Seyed Mohsen Mortazavi; Hossein Jalali; Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh

Volume 16, Issue 6 , January and February 2021, , Pages 123-132


  In this study, the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus acidophilus with different percentages of pomegranate peel powder (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2%) were used to produce a functional camel milk-based beverage. The physicochemical, antioxidant and sensory properties of the resulting drinks were evaluated. ...  Read More

Study on the effect of osmotic pretreatment on the quality of air-dried potato sticks using response surface methodology

Nahid Jafari; Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh; Abdorreza Mohammadi Nafchi

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May and June 2019, , Pages 355-367


  Introduction: Potato is the fourth most important agricultural product after rice, wheat, and corn. Potato produces more dry matter, protein, and minerals per unit area in comparison with other crops. Many of the ingredients in potato are important, due to their beneficial effects on health. Hence, this ...  Read More

The effects of edible coatings of chitosan, sodium alginate and whey protein concentrate on the shelflife of Rajabali variety apricots

Meysam Abediyan; Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh; Ali Najafi

Volume 14, Issue 2 , May and June 2018, , Pages 307-320


  Introduction. Apricot is a soft fruit that normally does not have any resistance to transportation and storage conditions. In addition, apricots are climacteric fruits, produces high levels of ethylene during ripening process and have a high respiration rate. For this reason, they are very susceptible ...  Read More

Evaluating the Effect of Variety and Pretreatments on the Quality of Dried Apricots

Mohammad Sani Shariatpanahi; Seyed Hamidreza Ziaolhagh

Volume 9, Issue 3 , October 2013


  Since the waste of agricultural and horticultural products is high, appropriate methods should be used to produce products with high quality and shelf life for export. In Iran a great part of fruits and vegetables are dried conventionally and farmer use So2 gas for preservation and color stability of ...  Read More