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Food Technology
Evaluation of Ethyl Oleate, Sodium Chloride and Blanching Pretreatments on Vacuum Drying of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annum)

Narmela Asefi; Nasibeh Alirezaloo; Pouya Barman Veisi; Haleh Soraiyay Zafar

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July and August 2023, , Pages 195-216


  Introduction Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annum) has a very important place among the vegetables produced in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to apply practical solutions to increase their sustainability to develop and improve production. The growing consumer rejection of chemical additives and the ...  Read More

Food Engineering
Evaluating the effects of blanching and microwave pre-treatments on variations in some selected physiological factors of artichoke leaves in fluidized bed dryer

Mohsen Azadbakht; Bahareh Eshaghi; Ali Motevali; Azim Ghasemnezhad

Volume 17, Issue 6 , January and February 2022, , Pages 73-83


  In this study, temperatures (40, 50, and 60°C), air velocity (3, 5, and 7 m/s) and pre-treatment (without pre-treatment, blanching, and microwave) were used as variables for investigation of antioxidant activity of dried artichoke leaves. The results revealed that variations in temperature and air ...  Read More

The effect of chitosan coating containing lemongrass extract on the quality of dehydrated sliced quince during storage

Atosa Assarzadegan; Mohammad Fazel

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May and June 2019, , Pages 281-296


  Introduction: The fruit, with the scientific name of Cydonia oblonga comes from apple family, has a dry and fluffy flesh that, due to high vitamin C, Potassium and fiber has commercial and nutritional value. However, this fruit is as corruptible as other fruits and destructive microbial, chemical and ...  Read More

Degradation kinetic of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) during simultaneous infrared dry-blanching and dehydration of apple slices with intermittent heating method

Hassan Sabbaghi; Aman Mohammad Ziaiifar; Mahdi Kashani-Nejad

Volume 14, Issue 5 , November and December 2018, , Pages 789-802


  Introduction: L-Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is the most important vitamin in terms of nutrition. Ascorbic acid is a thermolabile (heat-sensitive) compound that can be degenerated aerobically or anaerobically. The degradation rates of ascorbic acid differ with the changes in environmental conditions such ...  Read More

Fractional conversion modeling of color changes in apple during simultaneous dry-blanching and dehydration process using intermittent infrared irradiation

Hassan Sabbaghi; Aman Mohammad Ziaiifar; Mahdi Kashani-Nejad

Volume 14, Issue 2 , May and June 2018, , Pages 383-397


  Introduction: Color is the most important feature of food appearance, since it strongly affects consumer acceptance. The abnormal color is closely related to degradation of food quality or food spoilage. Various factors affecting color of the product include the composition and surface properties of ...  Read More

Effect of pretreatments of Blanching & Microwave on quality characteristics of Zucchini slices (Cucurbita pepo. L)

Nina Daliri; Fariba Zeynali; Mohsen Esmaiili

Volume 11, Issue 1 , March and April 2015, , Pages 48-55


  In this research the effect of oil type, process time ,temperature and pre-treating methods on moisture content, oil uptake, acidity and peroxide values of Zucchini slices (Cucurbita pepo. L) during deep fat frying process were investigated. The samples were pretreated by blanching (97 ºC for 5 ...  Read More