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Food Engineering
Influence of k-Carrageenan on whey protein isolate cold-set emulsion filled gel: A rheological and mechanical study

Mohammad Reza Salahi; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi; Mohebbat Mohebbi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 02 July 2023


  Introduction: Emulsion-filled gel is a sort of gel system that traps oil droplets as a filler and contains a wide range of semi-solid to solid food products. They can also be utilized as a dual system to distribute and control the release of both lipophilic and hydrophilic bioactive and micronutrient ...  Read More

Food Technology
The Effect of Production Method and Simultaneous Use of Whey Protein Concentrate and Transglutaminase Enzyme on Rheological Characteristics and Microstructure of Doogh

Mohammad Hadian; Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani; Mohsen Ghods rohani

Volume 20, Issue 1 , March and April 2024, , Pages 19-34


  IntroductionDoogh is a fermented dairy product that is produced by blending yogurt with water and some salt. This fermented beverage is widely consumed as a refreshing drink in Iran and other Middle East countries. Doogh is a source of calcium needed by the body on a daily basis and contains B vitamins ...  Read More

Food Technology
Effect of Ultrasonic Waves on Structural, Functional and Rheological Properties of Locust Bean Gum

Samira Farizad; Hajar Abbasi

Volume 19, Issue 2 , July and August 2023, , Pages 365-381


  Introduction  Hydrocolloid is a term refers to all polysaccharides extracted from plants, seeds, and microbial sources that regardless of their biological and nutritional role has various functional properties in food products such as concentration and gel production of aqueous solutions, stabilization ...  Read More

Effect of using apple and pimento on Physicochemical and Reological of donut

Sepideh Aryaee Majd; Mania Salehifar

Volume 15, Issue 1 , March and April 2019, , Pages 67-76


  Introduction: Donte is one of the most important fermented products in all over the world which similar to bread, after ferret fermentation process, dividing, shaping and rest of the dough, it would be frying in the oil instead of baking in the oven. We feel the need of using food additives (such as ...  Read More

Evaluation of the effect of nanofiber cellulose and carboxy methyl cellulose on rheological properties and particle size of low-fat mayonnaise

Laleh Golchoobi; Mazdak Alimi; Hossein Yousefi

Volume 13, Issue 4 , September and October 2017, , Pages 446-457


  Introduction: Mayonnaise, a semisolid oil in water emulsion containing vegetable oil, vinegar, egg yolk and optional ingredients such as salt, sugar and mustard, is a conventional old condiment containing high fat ingredient (minimum of 65%). The need to reduce the amount of saturated fat in diets, has ...  Read More

Fatty acid composition, rheological and thermal properties of butter from sheep’s and omega-3 cow’s milks

Morteza Kashaninejad; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi; Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani; Mahdi Kashani-Nejad

Volume 13, Issue 3 , July and August 2017, , Pages 66-79


  In this study, the compositional, rheological, thermal and textural properties of omega-3 cow's butter (OCB), conventional cow's butter (CCB) and sheep’s butter (SB) were evaluated. The fatty acid composition of SB showed a relatively high content of the short chain fatty acids (SCFA) compared ...  Read More

The effect of basil seed gum and xanthan on the physical and rheological characteristics of low fat mayonnaise

Sima Shamsaei; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi; Bahareh Emadzadeh; Esmaeil Atayesalehi

Volume 13, Issue 1 , March and April 2017, , Pages 65-78


  Introduction: An emulsion is made of dispersed particles through the continuous phase, while not dissolving happens between two phases. Mayonnaise is oil-in- water emulsion (James and Dakin, 1962), as one of the most sauces used in the world. It has a mild odor and taste, creamy to pale yellow color ...  Read More

Investigating the relationship between the perceived thickness of the chocolate pudding in sensory and instrumental analysis

Narges Samanian; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi

Volume 12, Issue 6 , January and February 2017, , Pages 730-741


  Sensory evaluation of food materials is an important factor to choose and even produce new formulations. Being time consuming, results in being difficult to interpret and the necessity to educate specialists make these methods kind of impractical. In this study, we have made an effort to introduce physical ...  Read More

Textural characteristics of pasta enriched with full fat soy flour; An optimization study using Response Surface Methodology

Behzad Nasehi; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi; Seyed Ali Mortazavi; Mostafa Mazaheri Tehrani

Volume 11, Issue 6 , January and February 2016, , Pages 719-728


  The influence of 0-27 g/100g of full-fat soy flour (FFSF), 31-35g/100g of water content and extrusion conditions on the textural characteristics of spaghetti were evaluated. Process was performed with screw speed of 10-40 rpm and water circulating temperature of 35-70°C. This enrichment resulted ...  Read More

Comparison of physico-chemical and rheological characteristics of natural honeys with adulterated and sugar honeys

Mahdi Kashani-Nejad; Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi

Volume 11, Issue 4 , September and October 2015, , Pages 392-407


  Introduction: Honey is a natural food product having a high nutritional and medicinal value. It is a sweet, viscous substance produced by the honeybees from the nectar of plants. Sensory and physical properties and chemical composition of honey depend on the botanical origin and the regional and climatic ...  Read More