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Food Chemistry
Production of Gelatin Nanoparticles by Solvent Dissolution Method for Use as Food-grade

Negar Soleimanpoor Tamam; Akram Arianfar; Vahid Hakimzadeh; Bahareh Emadzadeh

Volume 19, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, , Pages 463-476


  Introduction Gelatin is one of the most widely used colloidal proteins, which has unique hydrocolloidal property. Gelatin is derived from collagen by changing the thermal nature. This product is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and photography industries. Global gelatin ...  Read More

Food Engineering
Encapsulation of Coenzyme Q10 by Gelatin–basil Seed Mucilage Using Complex Coacervation: Optimization, Physicochemical Characterizations and Milk Fortification

Setereh Ramezani; Mohammad Shahedi; Milad Fathi

Volume 19, Issue 3 , July and August 2023, , Pages 15-31


  Global concern about human health and the increase the prevalence of chronic diseases in recent years lead to growing appeals for nutritious and healthy compounds, such as coenzyme Q10. Susceptibility to heat and lipophilic properties of coenzyme Q10 limit its utilization in food. Encapsulation is a ...  Read More

Food Technology
Development of Mozzarella cheese freshness indicating film by embedding purple carrot extract in gelatin and Persian gum matrix

Mohammad Sadegh Arab; Hannan Lashkari; Mehrdad Niakosari; Mohammad Hadi Eskandari

Volume 18, Issue 6 , January and February 2023, , Pages 167-180


  This study aimed to evaluate the effects of intelligent pH-sensitive composite film based on gelatin and Persian gum incorporated with purple carrot extract (PCE) on the freshness of wrapped mozzarella cheese. In this regard, the color, pH, yeast and mold count of control and treatments wrapped with ...  Read More

Food Engineering
The effect of glycerol and nanocellulose on hydrophilic and mechanical properties of gelatin-carboxymethyl cellulose composites

Sanaz Golmohammadzadeh; Farid Amidi-Fazli

Volume 18, Issue 5 , November and December 2022, , Pages 681-697


  [1]Introduction: The biodegradability of synthetic plastics derived from petroleum is a very slow process and complete decomposition of them lasts several years. This increases environmental pollution. Extensive efforts have been made to develop and improve biopolymers-based packaging. Biopolymers derived ...  Read More

Food Technology
Investigating of production conditions of pastilles by using gelatin extracted from kilika fish and investigating its physicochemical, rheological and sensory properties in comparison with commercial gelatin (cow)

Elham Mobini; Leila Nateghi; Mohammad Reza Eshaghi

Volume 17, Issue 5 , November and December 2021, , Pages 831-847


  Materials and Methods: To compare physicochemical (pH, humidity, brix and water activity), texture properties (adhesiveness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess, chewiness, hardness and deformation of hardness), color indices (L*, a* and b*) and sensory (taste, odor, color, texture and overall acceptance) ...  Read More

A Comparative study on Physio-Chemical Properties of Recovered Gelatin from Beluga (Huso huso) fish skin by Enzymatic and Chemical Methods

Zahra Eskandari; Seyed Ali Jafarpour

Volume 16, Issue 1 , March and April 2020, , Pages 157-170


  Introduction: Gelatin is a water-soluble protein mixture that is obtained by partial hydrolysis of collagen, which forms the major protein in bones, cartilage, and skin. Gelatin is made from collagen fibers, which is low in protein, cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates, with a special positive effect on ...  Read More

Use of clarifying agents in the purification of raw sugar beet juice

Edris Arjeh; Mikhalil Piruzifard; Sajad Pirsa

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May and June 2019, , Pages 267-279


  Introduction Raw sugar beet juice (RSBJ) is an intermediate of sugar beet processing obtaining by diffusion process. The RSBJ contains approximately 85% water, 13% sucrose, and 2% non-sugar compounds (impurities) and its purity ranges from 85 to 88%. Due to the low purity, the RSBJ should be subjected ...  Read More

Studying the Dynamic Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Whole Potato Flour and Chicken Feet Gelatin Blending based Bioplastic

Hesam Omrani Fard; Mohammad Hossein Abaspour fard; Mehdi Khojastehpour; Ali Dashti

Volume 15, Issue 2 , May and June 2019, , Pages 309-322


  Introduction: One of the new methods for improving the mechanical properties of bioplastics is the production of blending based bioplastics. Recent studies show that proteins, in combination with starch, form a strong network of hydrogen bonds and intermolecular interactions that resulted stable 3-D ...  Read More

Extraction and characterization of gelatin from chicken feet and its application in cantaloupe jelly

Atefeh Rezai Zadeh; Zeynab Raftani Amiri

Volume 13, Issue 2 , May and June 2017, , Pages 322-332


  Introduction: Today, the demand for low calorie food based on fruits and easy production and keeping primary features including texture and taste is increasing. Jelly is one of low calorie products which is produced from fruits and other components, and its usage is increasing for human health. Chemical ...  Read More

Effect of edible composite coatings on shelf life of roasted pistachio nuts

Nasser Sedaghat; Sara Khoshnoudi

Volume 12, Issue 4 , September and October 2016, , Pages 415-427


  Introduction : Pistachio (Pistaciavera L.) is a tasty nut and a good source of nutrients. Ithas a high content of numerous beneficial nutritive and bioactive compounds such as proteins, carbohydrate, moisture, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other micronutrients compounds, but the most exceptional components ...  Read More

Clarification of date varieties Kaluteh juice using bentonite and gelatin

Mehdi Jalali; Mohammad Hossein Hadad Khodaparast; Eisa Jahed

Volume 10, Issue 3 , October 2014


  In this study , response surface methodology and face central composite design in order to investigate decolorization and clarification extraction of Kaluteh date was used for the production of liquid sugar. The optimum amount of bentonite ( 1-3 g/l ) and gelatin ( 0/02-0/08 g/l ) was determined that ...  Read More

The Effect of Processing Conditions on the Extraction Yield and Melting Point of Whitecheek Shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri) Skin Gelatin

Masoud Rezaei; Ali Motamedzadegan

Volume 8, Issue 2 , July 2012


  To investigate the optimum conditions for extracting gelatin from whitecheek shark (Carcharhinus dussumieri (skin, response surface methodology (RSM) has been adopted. In this research, the effect of NaOH concentration (0.01-1 N), HCl concentration (0.01-1 N), and extraction time (3-8 h) on dependent ...  Read More