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Full Research Paper
Optimization of phenolic compounds extraction of Ziziphus Jujuba using supercritical fluid of carbon dioxide and measurement of its antioxidant activity

Fatemeh Farzaneh Moghaddam; Javad Sargolzaei; Shadi Bolourian

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 529-542


  Introduction: The term antioxidant is said to be compounds that are delaying or preventing oxidization of a substance at their own presence, which leads to reach a stabilized food quality (Collins, 2005). Natural antioxidants are often phenolic compounds that exist in all parts of a plant. These compounds ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Evaluation and comparison of Sensory, physicochemical and rheological properties of labane formulation produced by wheyless process using principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares regression (PLS regression)

Mostafa Kashaninejad; Masoud Najaf Najafi; Mohsen Ghods rohani; Morteza Kashaninejad

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 543-563


  Introduction: Labane or concentrated yoghurt is a semi-solid product which is being producedd by dehydration of yoghurt or separation of water and some water-soluble solids from yoghurt. High nutritional value, long shelf life, more desirable taste and texture and feasibility to produce other product ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Geometric and morphological characteristics measurement of pistachios using the machine vision

Seyyed Mohammad Emam; Amirmohammad Rezaiepoor; Aboalfazl Foorginejad

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 565-575


  Introduction: Pistachio cereals are one of the most important products in the export sector. Therefore, accurate grading of pistachios is very important. By counting the number of pistachios in 100gr according to the national standard of Iran, this product is classified into three categories of large, ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
The importance of solvent in the aqueous extraction of oil bodies from rapeseed

Fatemeh Saadat; Seyed Hadi Razavi; Houshang Alizadeh

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 577-582


  Introduction: Oil plants store energy in the form of neutral lipids in the organelles called oil bodies. These organelles save triacylglycerol until seed germination. In recent years, the oil bodies have been considered as an oil/water emulsion in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. These ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Optimization of Cajanus Cajan’s antioxidant and nutritional characteristics during hydrolysis process by pepsin using response surface method

Elham Ranjbar Nedamani; Alireza Sadeghi Mahoonak; Mohammad Ghorbani; Sharlot Jakobson; Vahid Khori

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 583-596


  Introduction: Proteins are being hydrolyzed to generate various properties such as antioxidant activity and nutritional values. Enzymatic hydrolysis is carried out in milder condition and is more controllable. The produced protein hydrolysates’ properties are dependent to the hydrolysis condition. ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
The effect of film and coating of chitosan with vacuum packaging on quality characteristics of Spangled emperor (Lethrinus nebulousus) fillets stored at 4 ºC

Mozhgan Karimi; Ainaz Khodanazary; Seyed Mehdi Hosseini

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 597-611


  Introduction: The Spangled emperor (Lethrinus nebulosus) is one of the valued fish species in Persian Gulf, which due to its high nutritional quality and excellent sensory properties, is preferred by the customers in the south of Iran. Because this species is consumed domestically, it is very important ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
The Effect of Lactose Reduction on the Acetaldehyde Amount and Organoleptic Properties of Doogh as a Fermentative Product Using Ultrafiltration

Reza Mobasserfar; Seyed Ali Mortazavi

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 613-622


  Introduction: Doogh is one of the most important and most widely consuming fermented traditional Iranian milk products, which is being prepared from the healthy milk by using the activity of certain lactic acid bacteria and molds under the especial conditions. Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Development, assessment and evaluation of a combined infrared and hot-air dryer to determine its performance characteristics during banana slice drying

Parviz Ahmadi gheshlagh; Seiied Sadegh Seiiedlou; Habibeh Nalbandi

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 623-634


  Introduction: Thin layer drying of agricultural products using an infrared dryer (IR) is one of the interesting and low cost methods of dehydration. Quality of dried products could be increased if the engineering aspects and proper selection of performance parameters be well considered in the designing ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Optimization of the Formula and Process of Donut Enriched with Bagasse

Mahboubeh Darapoor; Behzad Nasehi; Hassan Barzegar; Hossein Jooyandeh

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 635-647


  Introduction: By-products have traditionally been used as animal feed and are considered agricultural waste. However, they are rich in fiber and bioactive compounds, and efforts have been made to utilize them as functional ingredients and for the enrichment of food products. On the other hand, the intake ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Pectin extraction from eggplant peel using microwave and evaluation of its properties

Sara Karamzadeh; Sara Ansari

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 649-665


  Introduction: Pectin is a complex mixture of polysaccharides in the primary cell wall of plants which is a polymer of α-galacturonic acid, to which neutral sugar is connected to form aside chain. Pectin is a natural food additive used extensively in the food industry as thickener, texturizer, emulsifier, ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
The Effects of Washing the Minced of Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) in the presence of Hydrogen peroxide on Rheological Properties of produced Surimi

Narjes Badfar; Seyed Ali Jafarpour; Mehdi Abdollahi

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 667-677


  Introduction: There is an expanding market for surimi in the world, and much interest in surimi throughout the seafood and food industry by the rapid growth in popularity of surimi-based products. This interest justifies an investigation into the applicability of freshwater fish species such as Silver ...  Read More

Full Research Paper
Effects of steaming time and impinging jet drying on color change of parboiled rice

Gholamreza Chegini; Iman Hassanzadeh

Volume 15, Issue 5 , November and December 2019, Pages 679-690


  Introduction: One of the common rice in Asia and Africa is parboiled (semi-cooked) rice. In parboiled rice, three processes will be added in comparison to white rice which includes: soaking, steaming and drying. The parboiled rice has a different color than white rice, which is probably the parboiled ...  Read More